Create, configure and sell NFT collections on Immutable X

What you will learn

  • Gain the confidence and knowledge to write production-level code on Immutable X.
  • Learn how to develop and deploy a complete NFT collection from start to finish on Immutable X.
  • Understand how to launch and list your NFT collection on Immutable X marketplaces.
  • Gain insights into the key differences and advantages of Immutable X compared to Ethereum.


This unique experience will take learners on the journey of developing and launching a complete NFT collection on Immutable X from scratch. This is the ultimate hands-on course for developers who want to learn more about blockchain development and how to build on one of the world’s largest NFT solutions: Immutable X. The chapters are filled with short and sharp video tutorials. Follow the step-by-step guides to create a fully functional NFT collection that can be deployed to the global order book and listed on all Immutable X marketplaces. For developers who are experienced in Ethereum development, this course gives a practical introduction to the key differences and advantages of Immutable X.

At a glance

112min on-demand video

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Richard Watts-Seale

Instructor: Richard Watts-Seale

Richard is the co-founder and CTO of Skillpaca. Richard is a multi-disciplinary developer who has extensive experience building applications for edu-tech and web3. He has a passion for web3 technologies and has been experimenting in the space since 2018. Recently he built an NFT certificate minting engine that leverages Immutable X technology.

Rob Moore

Instructor: Rob Moore

Rob is the co-founder and CTO of MakerX, which specialises in web3 and digital product development for startups, corporates and venture builders. Rob is an experienced conference speaker, founder and organiser of the DDD Perth conference (the largest software development conference in Australia in 2022). Rob has also published multiple courses and videos for A Cloud Guru that were all highly rated. Rob is a thought leader in the web3 space, having blogged and spoken about web3 on multiple occasions.

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Course Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction

Understand the Immutable X ecosystem and its key differences to Ethereum.

Chapter 2: Creating NFTs

Take an example Immutable X NFT smart contract and deploy it to a Testnet. Then create your collection and mint your first NFT!

Chapter 3: Configuring NFT Metadata

Understand and apply the official metadata strategy required by Immutable X.

Chapter 4: Selling NFTs

Understand how buying and selling NFTs works on Immutable X marketplaces and understand fees and royalties.

Chapter 5: Mint at scale

A comprehensive look at the different strategies for creating NFT collections Immutable X.