Immutable X Use Cases


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Hello and welcome to the Create Configure and Sell NFT collections on ImmutableX course.


This is the first chapter of the course where we're going to go through an introduction of some of the key concepts around ImmutableX, what it is, the use cases you can use it for, and how it differentiates


to Ethereum. In this first lesson, we're going to cover ImmutableX


itself. So let's start by looking at what ImmutableX is in a one line description. This is the description that ImmutableX themselves provide:.


ImmutableX is an Ethereum scaling Layer 2 NFT minting and trading platform powering the next generation


of Web3 games. There's a lot to unpack here, so let's go through it bit by bit. The first part: ImmutableX is an Ethereum scaling Layer 2.


What this means is that ImmutableX is what's known as a Layer 2 blockchain. We're going to cover in more detail what that actually means, but essentially


it's a blockchain that sits on top of Ethereum, and more specifically, it's been designed to provide scale on top of the capabilities that Ethereum provides. So the next bit: an NFT minting and trading


platform. The primary capability that ImmutableX provides is the ability to mint NFTs and then sell and trade them.


And then finally: powering the next generation of Web three games. This is the primary use case that ImmutableX has been


designed for. If you were designing a game, it's inherently an environment that is fast moving with many transactions.


And that's something that Ethereum as a blockchain isn't really well suited for. So ImmutableX has been designed as a platform to enable game makers that want to integrate web3 technology, to be able to build games that have a great


user experience. This leads us on nicely to the key use cases of ImmutableX and this three


of these. The first one won't surprise you after the description we just went through. It's gaming, and in particular there's a whole bunch of really cool games that have been implemented using ImmutableX, including Gods Unchained and Guild


of Guardians. ImmutableX can also be used to implement marketplaces.


There's a number of marketplaces that are built on top of ImmutableX, including GameStop and Rarible. And finally, collectables. ImmutableX provides a really great platform that you can use to implement


collectable items. A number of collections are on ImmutableX, including